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  • 05.06.2020
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Vudotaxe | 05.06.2020
OMG.That was awesome!Very first place for delrawr!
Mikazil | 06.06.2020
I love to eat the masculine seed.
Mami | 08.06.2020
wtf is wrong with all of you shit eating jackasses. if you truly did know shit about the world or simply just the history encircling the development and beginnings of the us then youd understand that America has no culture. culture is a very subjective and in the us case it is the most arbitrary of all. its culture is a culmination of cultures from all around the world, particularly the food we eat. History is messy and nobody has it right,all this bullshit about race and supremacy is such
Mitaxe | 09.06.2020
Well, my bags are not packed yet and I still have eleventy things to do.....
Vosida | 13.06.2020
you have a fantastic body some lucky guy is gonna be your sugar daddy

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