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Shaktile | 12.05.2020
Quero fuder vc quero comer casadas tbm cornos me liguem onze nove sete cinco dezesseis zero nove tres quatro.
Dular | 12.05.2020
Hermosa q ricas tetas
Juramar | 16.05.2020
the gender is either boy, girl or hermaphrodite and the last is extremely rare. Cars, toys, gun and curls are not gender specific and that path is your own psychosis to relevance. The biology of the organism expresses the gender, not the choice of car. That culture of nonsense, that you live in, has damaged your rational.
Zolonris | 17.05.2020
Those are powerful statements that a lot of people miss the point of. The claims are exaggerated to the point of being unbelievable concerning Jesus.
Togor | 18.05.2020
ϲɑղ í ƒմϲƘ ɑղժ ՏմϲƘ վօմɾ ԹɾҽԵԵվ toes

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